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How to Play a TK O'Brien's Lap Harp

The lap harp is a very easy to play instrument also known as a plucked psaltery. This video shows how easy it is to play but also expands on playing techniques by adding harmony and flourishes and re-tuning possibilties.

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How to Tune a TK O'Brien's Lap Harp

Keep your TK O'Brien Lap Harp sounding it's best by tuning it correctly. These instructions lead you through the simple task and help you overcome any initial concerns you may have.

How to replace a lap harp string

This is a step by step demonstration of how to replace a string on a TK O'Brien's lap harp. For lap harp owners needing to replace a broken string, a picture (video) is worth a thousand words and this should prove to be extremely helpful to those individuals.