Bowed Psaltery Cases and Accessories


Durable heavy duty nylon case with firm 5/8" thick padding. Includes hand grip, shoulder strap and exterior zippered storage pocket with separate bow sleeve.

psaltery case sidewalls

BP-CX Sidewall style case also holds psalterys up to 22" long but allows for greater depth (inside dimensions are 22" long, 9 " wide, 2" deep). Black only.

Instructional Book


BP-B TK O'Brien's Guide to playing the Bowed Psaltery. Standard notation and number & letter tablature.

Electronic Tuner


Korg CA1

ET Korg CA1

Chromatic tuner. Korg Ca-1 chromatic tuner with easy to read VU meter for automatic mode. Also has built in 12 note reference tones. Can be used for many chromatic instruments . Pitch detection from C1 - C8. Built in mic. Also input jack for pickup. Tilt slot on back allows you to insert a plastic card to angle meter for easy viewing. Two AAA batteries included.


Snark SN-8

ET-8 Snark SN-8

Chromatic Tuner with most advanced movement. Full brighter color display, rotates 360 degrees, extended range pitch calibration, tempo Metronome. Vibration sensor only. Battery included.





Tuner Pickup

tuner pickup
ET-P1 Universal Pickup with clip-on mic .

Adjustment Wrench

N-FW Flat wrench. Shown left.
N-DW Gooseneck handle with square tip. Shown center.
N-TW T handle with star tip. Shown right.