Mountain Dulcimer Accessories




TK O'Brien's Guide to Playing the Mountain Dulcimer in Ionain mode (DAA) Standard notation & Tablature.


TK O'Brien's Guide to Playing the Mountain Dulcimer in Myxolydian mode (DAD) Standard notation & Tablature.

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DU-CP Available in a variety of woods. Fits up to 1 3/4 inch fretboard.

String Sets

dulcimer strings

MDS1 Ionian 3 - 0.012 plain and 1 - 0.022 wound phosphor-bronze

Ionian Plus 2 - 0.012, 1 - 0.014 plain steel and 1 - 0.024 wound phosphor-bronze

MDS3 Mixolydian 2 - 0.010, 1 - 0.014 plain steel and 1 - 0.024 wound phosphor-bronze




N-PD TK O'Brien's Picks available in thin (red), thin-medium (orange), or medium (yellow).

N-PH Three point Herdim Picks available in red, blue or yellow

N-PH Large teardrop Herdim picks available in yellow.

ET-1 Korg CA1

ET Korg CA1

Korg Ca-1 chromatic tuner with easy to read VU meter for automatic mode. Also has built in 12 note reference tones. Can be used for many chromatic instruments . Pitch detection from C1 - C8. Built in mic. Also input jack for pickup. Tilt slot on back allows you to insert a plastic card to angle meter for easy viewing. Two AAA batteries included.


ET-2 Snark SN-2

ET-2 Snark SN-2

Chromatic Tuner. Full color display, rotates 360 degrees, pitch calibration, tap tempo Metronome, with built in mic and vibration sensor. Battery included.



ET-8 Snark SN-8

ET-8 Snark SN-8

Chromatic Tuner with most advanced movement. Full brighter color display, rotates 360 degrees, extended range pitch calibration, tempo Metronome. Vibration sensor only. Battery included.


Tuner Pickup

tuner pickup

ET-P Universal pickup with clip-on mic.

Mini Amp

mini amp

ET-A This mini amp can be used on most instruments. We've found this Honeytone to be an affordable answer for sound amplification. It's very small, about 5 inches square, but has more amplification than other mini amps. There is a belt clip to make it easy to carry. It uses one 9V battery (included). You can vary the sound with volume, tone and gain knobs. The owner's manual shows how to use these settings. The IN jack allows you to connect your instrument with an instrument cable which can be costly but we've found that an inexpensive electronic tuner pick-up works well. For lap harps and other instruments with zither tuning pins the alligator clip pick-up is preferable because you can clamp in onto the zither pin. The pick-up (ET-P1) is sold separately. Yellow, aqua, or burgundy, or black.